Started by brothers Tim & Jay Nackashi, the band's first show was a sound collage of samples from old LPs, scratched CDs, instructional DVDs, and some homemade beats, at the 40 Watt Club in Athens.

Soon Alex McManus joined in and Jay and Alex began experimenting with invented instruments, like the Rotochimes, the Car-horn Keyboard and the Marxitar. They decided that their cacophonous sound reminded them of NYC, and the name 'Empire State' was proclaimed.

After some US-touring, Alex left the band to play with Bright Eyes, and Brent Jones, the band's first drummer joined the brothers, along with guitarist Jesse Flavin.


Empire State released two LPs, their self-titled debut, and 'Eternal Combustion.' They also released a 12" EP in the UK on the Melodic Label, and were on numerous compilations internationally. Their song 'La La Land' was featured on a Eurostar commercial that starred John Malkovich.

Along with their other creative pursuits, the brothers Nackashi are still creating music. Jay's new band is Brave New Citizen. Jay also builds his invented instruments in addition to designing and building recording studios and spaces.
Tim directs films, music videos, and commercials, and scores music for film.

The brothers promise to one day revive the cacophony of Empire State from it's catatonic state.

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